PI: Vivek Sharma

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, UIC

Soft Matter and Complex Fluids: Polymers, Colloidal Sols, Foams, Emulsions, Liquid Crystals, Proteins.

Soft Matter optics, dynamics, elasticity and self-assembly (odes) depend upon how polyatomic, dispersed structures [like polymer chains, colloidal particles, micelles, drops or bubbles] interact and organize by colloidal, hydrodynamic and Brownian forces, and respond to external fields including interfacial & nonlinear flows of complex fluids.

Expertise: Fizzics, Optics, Rheology and Mechanics (FORM) of complex fluids and soft materials.

Our experiments and theoretical quests and curiosities pursue the understanding of, and control over:

  1. (a)Interplay of viscoelasticity and capillarity (drop formation and liquid transfer)

  2. (b)Interplay of thermodynamics and hydrodynamics in fizzics (the science of drops, bubbles, foams and emulsions).




*Odes: other definitions (selected):                                                                     

Etymology.com: Words like cathode, anode, electrode, diode, method & period contain Greek ‘hodos’ (-ode) meaning way or path.

Wolfram page: Ordinary Differential Equation, an equality involving a function and its derivative. NB: Our group loves PDEs just as well.

Poets.org says: "Ode" comes from the Greek aeidein, meaning to sing or chant, and belongs to the long and varied tradition of lyric poetry.

If you reached here in search of Poet (or Kavi in Hindi) Vivek Sharma go to the linked page.

Vivek Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Illinois at Chicago

810 S Clinton St., Room 219, Chicago, Illinois 60607  Phone: +1 312-996-5711; Fax: +1 312-996-0808; Email: viveks@uic.edu


Fizzics & Interfacial Phenomena

E. g. soap film hydrodynamics

Capillarity & Viscoelasticity

E.g. Jetting of a weakly elastic fluid